Shelly Chan Shelly Chan - Chinese in diaspora and modern China, nationalism, gender, and migration in transnational and world history.
Cindy I-Fen Cheng Cindy I-Fen Cheng - Gender, race, nationality, and queer studies; comparative racial formations; Asian American history and culture; cold war culture.
Suzanne Desan Suzanne Desan - Early modern Europe, gender and popular politics, old regime France, French Revolution.
Nan Enstad Nan Enstad - U.S. gender and women’s history, class and race, popular culture and consumerism.
A. Finn Enke A. Finn Enke - History of sexuality, 20th century U.S. social movements, feminist and queer theory.
Pernille Ipsen Pernille Ipsen - Gender and race in European encounters with ‘others’ in the early modern era, women’s history, European colonial history
Susan Johnson Susan Lee Johnson - North American West, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity
Stephen Kantrowitz Stephen Kantrowitz - 19th-century U.S. political, African American, Southern, Men and Manhood
Florencia Mallon Florencia Mallon - Modern Latin America, gender, indigenous history and indigenous movements, social theory, subaltern studies
Leonora Neville Leonora Neville - Byzantine, Eastern Mediterranean, Late Antiquity
Mary Louise Roberts Mary Louise Roberts - European women and gender, French history, theory, World War Two
Steve J. Stern Steve J. Stern - Latin America, subaltern women and the gendering of politics, theory